What You Might Be Doing Wrong While Sitting At Your Computer

The Coronavirus limitations have made many of our daily activities relate to a computer, whether it is your child’s schooling, shopping online, or working remotely.  Some of you have even had your appointments with Paragon Orthopedic Center online with one of our healthcare providers.  While not ideal, we want you to feel safe.  Staying at home feels safer for many right now.  If you are experiencing some pain while at home sitting at the computer, you might need to consider your body positioning.  Everything from your fingers, to your eyes, to your back can be affected by just sitting incorrectly.  Ideally, your position should be neutral and not stress any particular part of your body.  Reaching, twisting, hunching, straining, and slouching are all to be avoided when it comes to working at a computer.   We found an article that helps you do a self-check right now as you read this.  Frequently, it takes an effort to keep your body in good condition, especially as we age.  Here are tips from a great article about this:

  • Head, shoulders, and torso in line with the hips.
  • Elbows close to the body bent 90 degrees.
  • Wrists and hands in straight lines with lower arms.
  • Shoulders and upper arms relaxed and close to the body.
  • Back supported including lumbar (lower back) support.
  • Thighs and hips supported by a well-padded seat and parallel to the floor.
  • Knees are the same height as the hips.
  • Feet fully supported by the floor.

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