What Is A Trigger Finger And Can Paragon Orthopedics Help?

Trigger finger is a condition where most often the patient complains about the finger getting “stuck” or “caught” during movement.  Sometimes it’s with extension, and sometimes it’s when you flex your fingers into a fist.  It happens because of inflammation in a very small space within the finger.  In best case scenarios, they go away on their own, but at worst, the finger locks in a bent position.  Paragon Orthopedics Center has a very informative video that we will link to below.  Can Paragon Orthopedics help you with this problem?  Absolutely.  Dr. Bents does these almost weekly for patients around Southern Oregon with great results.  Look for our monthly newsletter this month for more details on this condition, what you can do, and what Dr. Bents does for treatment.