Which Is a Better Choice: Hot Dog or Hamburger?

It is that time of year in Southern Oregon when people are uncovering the barbeques and thinking about dinner outside with your feet in the grass.  Hot dogs and hamburgers are top picks for American grills, but have you ever wondered from a nutritional standpoint which is better for you?  NBC uncovers some facts you likely haven’t considered and will find very interesting.  They give you a rundown of hamburger and hot dog nutrition facts, both naked and with all the accoutrements.  The worrisome part of hot dogs is the nitrates they contain, which are known carcinogens.  On the other hand, hamburgers are made with red meat and that has been found as a probable carcinogen.  In the end, both can be considered winners.  From a caloric standpoint, the hot dog is the winner.  See the article for a breakdown of the numbers.  Hamburgers come in first from an overall perspective, having more protein (about six times more than a hot dog) and thus helping you feel fuller longer.

Which is healthier: A hot dog or hamburger? (nbcnews.com)