Which Olympic Athletes Have The Highest Bone Density?

In order for you to take a guess as to which Olympic athletes have the highest bone density, you need to know what makes bone dense.  That answer is: force that is placed on the bone.  It makes sense, knowing this, that gymnasts have the highest bone densities among the Olympic athletes at the games in Tokyo.  Among those with the least dense bones: swimmers, rowers, and cyclists.  When a gymnast dismounts, he or she is putting up to 5 times their weight on their bones.  Five times!  Not all of us can be Olympic athletes, but we can all have strong bones by making sure you put some stress on them through walking, running, or jumping-type exercises.  Paragon Orthopedic Center wants you to be the healthiest you can be with strong bones throughout your lifetime!  Read more here:

Bone density in athletes (washington.edu)