Why is core training talked about so much? Does core training do much for my body?

Core: definition: the central or most important part of something.

Using that definition of core, you can infer that when it comes to strengthening the core of your body, this is a good thing.  Your core gives you the overall strength to do such things as pick up your groceries, sit comfortably at a computer, maintain good posture, and even helps when it comes to sexual activity.  Your core keeps your balance and prevents falls.  The strength or weakness of your core directly translates into the strength of your arms and legs.  Most core exercise regimens keep the focus on muscle balance for overall strength, rather than emphasize one target area.  For example, washboard abs might look great, but you’d be missing the overall muscle balance necessary for activities of daily living if all your strength training went into your abdonminals.  Our Paragon Orthopedic Center blog will go over a few core exercises to help you further understand this training in our next post.