Will a Smart Watch Help Me Be Healthier?

There are a number of applications to help you monitor and support your health goals: watches, trackers, and many apps for your smart phone. How do you know which one? Have you thought about exactly what you want it to do for you? Here are four key questions to ask yourself:

  1. What are your goals?
  2. Does the application provide data and features that support your goals?
  3. How accurate is it and does the app manage the data in a way that is compatible with your means and navigation abilities?
  4. Does the app support evidence-based strategies for weight loss, such as self-monitoring, customized goal setting, accountability, motivational strategies, and/or supports for healthier living?

This article from the Mayo Clinic is very helpful if you are thinking about a new way of tracking your health, or determining which method might be more helpful to you. Some people find these applications motivational in a way nothing else has been, and to that, Paragon Orthopedic Center says, “Go for it!”

Tips for selecting a mobile health application to support your health goals | Mayo Clinic Connect